GYŐRY Eszter (1942 - )

GYŐRY Eszter

Though Eszter Gyory attended art schools in Hungary. Italy, "Les BEAUX ARTS" Paris and New York she considers herself a self-taught artist. This visionary works in a Symbolist tradition, excavating her allegoricial subject matter from the legends, myths and folklore of her native Hungary. She resembles a renowned compatriot, the composer Bela Bartok, in refining from folklore the allyos from which she forges a universal imagery, in blending dissonance with impressionist elements through free variation. Although Gyory's painting and sculpture is backed by exhaustive study of ancient art and architecture and the European and American masters, it remains resolutely individual. Often hiding a firm sophistication behind a veil of of casual caprice which is a reminder of the folly of self-absorbtion and a signal to re-think connection with the community

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