BANGA Ferenc (1947 - )

Ferenc Banga graphic artist. He was born in Budapest on 20th July 1947. He studied at the Free School of Fine Arts. His masters were György Zilahy and Endre Tamás. SInce 1974 to 1976 he got the Derkovits-scholarship. He worked as the head of the Újpest Gallery between 1968 and 1989. In 1987 he got the scholarship of the Roman Hungarian Academy. Solo exhibitions by his works were shown in Budapest, Eger, Pécs, Dunaújváros, Hüdmezővásárhely, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Hamburg, He took part in groupal exhibitions at the Hungarian National Galery, in Miskolc, Freiburg, Firenze, Heidelberg, Paris, Gratz. In 1982 he got the Munkácsy Mihály price, Since 2003 he is priced "érdemes" artist of the Hungarian Republic. Next to uniqe draws, he aso makes low and hight pressed graphic methods. He makes a great amount of illustrations.