DIENES Gábor (1948 - 2010)

Gábor DIenes painter and graphic artist. He was born on 12th March 1948 in Debrecen. He graduated in 1972 on the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.  His masters were Aurél Bernáth and Szilárd Iván. Between 1975- 1978 ge got the Derkovits-scholarship. He was one of the founders of the art conony of Csongrád. Next to several Hungarian exhibitions he had solo showing in Hamburg, Genf, Köln, New York, Stuttgart, Helsonki and Leiden. He regularly took part in international graphical exhibitions. Many of his works are kept in public collections in Szolnon, Pécs, Miskolc, Budapest, Salgótarján, Réckeve, Kaposvár, in Sopfia, and in Sweden.

In 1980 he got the Munkácsy-price, and in 1989 he was awarded with the price of an "érdemes" artist.

He died in Budapest on 5th July.

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