DURAY Tibor (1912 - 1988)

Tibor Duray painter and graphic artist. He was born on 21th January 1912 in Budapest. He studied at the free school of Aba-Novák Vilmos, and from he second half of the 30-s he worked at the art conoy of Szolnok. Between 1937-1938 by the scholarship of the Hungarian Roman Academy, he spent two years in Italy. Later he travelled into Transylvania and Paris. At first his works were shown in the exhibition of the Színyei Society in 1934. Later he had several exhibitions alround Hungary, in  groupal showings he appeared in Budapest, Esztergom, Miskolc, Paris, Pécs, Roma, Sopron, SZolnaok. In 1969 he was awarded with Munkácsy-price.

He died in Budapest on 15th Februar 1988.

Works of art for sale

  • Tibor Duray: Széplak coast
    Tibor Duray
    Széplak coast
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  • Tibor Duray: Homeward
    Tibor Duray
    water colour on paper
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