GÁBOR Marianne (1917 - 2014)

GÁBOR Marianne

Marianne Gábor painter. She was born on 26th April in 1917 in Budapest. She studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts between 1935- 1941. Her mastery were István Réti and István Szőnyi. From 1941 for three years she visited the art colony of Zebegény. She went on study tour to Austria, Belgium, France, Great-Britan, Netherlands and Itlay. She have has solo exhibitions in Budapest for example in the Tamás Gallery, in the National Saloon and in the Institute of Cultural Relations. Abroad she had several exhibitions in Italy, in Paris, Berlin, Rodstock. 

Two of her paintings are shown in the Uffizi's Portrait Room. SInce 1978 she in awarded with the price "érdemes" artist.

Works of art for sale

  • Marianne Gábor: Rabbi
    Marianne Gábor
    pen on paper
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  • Marianne Gábor: Ubrellas
    Marianne Gábor
    mixed technique
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  • Marianne Gábor: Mityu read
    Marianne Gábor
    Mityu read
    water colour on paper
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