SULYOK Gabriella (1939 - )

Gabriella Sulyok graphic artist. She was born march 12th, 1939 in Sopron. She got her degree in 1964 at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Her masters were Jenő Barcsay and Géza Főnyi. After she had finished her studies, she lived a few years in Baghdad. She moved back to Hungary in 1970. Six years later she got the Derkovits- scholarship. Her beloved techniques are individuar drawing, eching, and besides she makes films about cinteporary artists.
She has had solo exhibitions in Budapest, Sopron, Tokaj, Miskolc, Csepel, Hamburg and in Baghdad. Several works by her are shown in public collections in Debrecen, Miskolc, Sopron, Budapest, Salgótarján, Kaposvár, Hódmezővásárhely. She regularly takes part in hungarian and international graphical biennales. Since 2004 she is a Munkácsy-priced artist.

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  • Gabriella Sulyok: Angel Fate
    Gabriella Sulyok
    Angel Fate
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