SZÁSZ Endre (1926 - 2003)

Endre Szász graphic- and painter artist. He was born January 7th 1926 in Csíkszereda. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His master was István Szőnyi. His most important technics were individual drawing, eching and drypoint, but from the 60’s he made more and more pictures by painting. From 1970 he lived a couple of years in Toronto, than in Los Angeles. After he moved home he experimented with designing, he created jewerly and furniture, and he also designed theme for the porcelaine manufacture of Hollóház. He made a great work as an illustrator.
He had several exhibitions in Hungary, in abroad he had solo exhibitions in Jordan, Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Turkey, Norway, Finland, South Africa, Japan, Canada and int he USA. From 1965 he was a Munkácsy-priced artist, in 1992 he was honored with the Service Medal officer Cross of Hungarian Republic. He died August 18th 2003 in Mosdós.

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  • Endre Szász: Női fej
    Endre Szász
    Női fej
    oil on paper
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