SOMOGYI Ferenc (1962 - )

Ferenc Somogyi was born in Budapest on 1962. He studied at the Hight Scool of Fine and Applied Arts on design- sclupture specialisation. He lives and works in Budaörs since 1994. He takes part in groupal exhibitions and has solo showings since 2001.

What is hiding in wood

I love wood, all my desire is to create such small sculptures and reliefs which are interesting and beautiful, cause joy and a surprise as well, My main themes are women who appear under my chisel as they were hidden in wood, waiting for me to uncover them. They are frivolous, charming...Although I do not really like to dress them, their garments are fabulous chances to dress up the so called boring wood in wonderful colours. So one or two frills, lively flood of hair can be more exciting.

Once at an exhibition I was watching the reaction of others. The long meditation and giggle. This was an acknowledge-ment of my intention, yes, the spell worked, it is worth going on with my work.

Ferenc Somogyi