ZEMPLÉNYI Magda (1899 - 1965)

Magda Zemplényi painter and graphic artist. She was born in Budapest in 1899. She is a self-educated artist. Between 1936 and 1944 she regularly visited the art school of Vilmos Aba Novák. She took part in several art groups, she went in for have exhibition with the art team KUT, the OMIKE and the group called „Elvont művészcsoport”. She was keen on trying new technics and styles, she had drawen individual graphics, she had made works of art by monotype, and also oil paintings. From the begining of the 50’s she could not have chance to appear. She died in 1965.

Works of art for sale

  • Magda Zemplényi: Love in the circus
    Magda Zemplényi
    Love in the circus
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