DRÉGELY László (1932 - 1990)

László Drégely painter and scene-designer. He was born in Pécs, 15th April, 1932. He studied in the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts. His masters were Endre Bálint, Jenő Gadányi, and József Litkai. He made several scene-design for films and theater plays next to the big amount of graphical works and paintings. Solo exhibitions of him were held in Budapest, Dunaújváros, Tata, Miskolc, Székesfehérvár.

In 1977 he got a price called érdemes művész. In public collections int he Hungarian National Gallery, the Museum of Sárospatak, and the Saint István King Museum in Székesfehérvár keep some work by him. He died in Budapest, 15th July 1990.