TÓTH Menyhért (1904 - 1980)

Menyhért Tóth painter. He was born in Szeged-Mórahalom on 2th January 1904. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. His masters were János Vaszary, István Réti and László Kandó. He was on scholarship in czechoslovakia, Canary-Islands and in Cagnes-sur-Merben.

After he finished his study he moved to Miske and worked separately in the rest of his life.

He regularly took part in groupal exhibitions in Hungary and abroad.

Solo exhibitions from his works were organised alround Hungary. Some of his paintings are kept in the Municipal Picture Gallery and in the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest and in Kecskemét in the Picture Gallery in Kecskemét.

He died in Budapest on 11th January.

In 1990 he got posthumous Kossuth-price.