Claire SZALAY PHIPPS (1950 - )

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The family relocated to NYC in 1960. Although I was accepted into the High School of Music and Art in 1964, my father opted to continue teaching me himself. In 1968 I attended the University of Fine Arts in Budapest, my parents’ alma mater. Upon returning to the states, I continued my studies at the Art Students League of New York with various teachers and worked on several projects with my father that would prove to be forerunners of my present undertaking. In 1987 my father moved back to Hungary and gifted me with hundreds of drawings for future use. My work can be found in private collections around the world, including Hungary, Mexico and Argentina, New York, Washington. Her creations are special adaptation of her father’s drawings. With the technique of contemporary art and extraordinary colour combinations she reforms the clear-out drawings of Lajos Szalay retainted its symbolic significations to refresh them with the sense of modern forms.