• ENGEL TEVAN István

    ENGEL TEVAN István (1936 - 1996)

    István Engel Tevan, graphic artist  born in 1936 graduated at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts in 1962.He worked from the 60'th until his death in 1996 mostly as a book illustrator. His illustrations and/or dust jackets appeared in more then 300 volumes. His solo graphic works are also mostly inspired by literature - e.g.Bulgakov, LeSage, Calvino, Singer and the Bible serieses. Many of his works... more »

  • HOLLÓ Anna (1981 - )

    Anna Holló grafhic artist. She was born in Budapest on 23th January 1981. She started her artistic studies at the Hight School of Fine Arts in Budapest, and she graduated at the Academy of FIne Arts in graphic specialisation in 2007. Her artworks are mainly smaller, humorous aquarell pictures and colorued ink drawings. She also illustrates fairy-tale books. more »

  • KONDOR Lajos (1926 - 2006)

    Lajos Kondor graphic artist. He was born in Budapest on 25th July 1926. He graduated in 1949 on the Academy of Applied Arts. Hie masters were Gyula Hincz, György Konecsni and Pál Miháltz.  He had several solo exhibitions in Budapet, Italy, Jugoslavia, England, Spain, Germany, Poland and in Venezuela.  He regularly took part and won prices on Hungarian, and international graphical biennales. He... more »

  • MAKHULT Gabriella

    MAKHULT Gabriella (1981 - )

    Gabriella Makhult graphic artist. She was born on 8th May 1981. She studied at the Hight School of Applied-and Find arts and she graduated on the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in graphic specialisation in 2005.  Her masters were Róbert Kőnig, Tibor Somorjai Kiss and Gábor Karátson.  With scholarship she went on a study tour alround West- Europe. She regularly takes part and got prices on... more »

  • MÜHLBECK Károly (1986 - 1943)

    Károly Mühlbeck painter and graphic artist. He was born in 2nd October 1869 in Nagysurány. He made his artistic studies in Budapest. Although he also worked as a painter, he become famous of his graphical illustrations. He was felow-worker with several artistic and public newspapers, and he also illustrated almost five hundred book for children and youth. He died in Sashalom in 1th March... more »