• GAÁL József
  • GÁBOR Marianne

    GÁBOR Marianne (1917 - 2014)

    Marianne Gábor painter. She was born on 26th April in 1917 in Budapest. She studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts between 1935- 1941. Her mastery were István Réti and István Szőnyi. From 1941 for three years she visited the art colony of Zebegény. She went on study tour to Austria, Belgium, France, Great-Britan, Netherlands and Itlay. She have has solo exhibitions in Budapest for example... more »

  • GÁCSI Mihály (1926 - 1987)

    Mihály Gácsi praphic artist. He was born in Budapest on 10th August 1926. He graduated in 1956 at theHungarian  Academy of Fine Arts. Mis masters were Endre Domanovszky, Gyula Hincz and Károly Koffán. Since 1956 for eighteen years he worked at the art colony of Szolnok. Primarily te made echings and lino-cuts. He made several book illustrations. He regularly took part in Hungarian and... more »

  • GAJZÁGÓ Sándor (1942 - )

    Sándor Gajzágó painter. He studied at the High school of Fine- and Applied Arts. His masters were Lajos Ujváry, Emil Vén and Sen Sándor Gajzágó. Next to paint he also create gobleins. He regularly takes part in graphical biennales. In 1989 he was prices with Molnár C. Pál award. He has had solo exhibitions in many galleries in Budapest, Zalaegerszeg, Esztergom. He has had exhibitions with... more »

  • GALAMBOS Tamás (1939 - )

    Tamás Galambos painter. He was born in Budapest, November 18th, 1939. He graduated in 1963 at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His masters were Jenő Barcsay and Gyula Hincz. He went on a study tour in France, Germany, Scandinavia, Jugoslavia and in Italy. The most determining technic he uses is oil. His paints are always full of puny figures, this ordering has became his own style. He have had... more »

  • GASZNER Ildikó (1963 - )

    Ildikó Gaszner painter. She was born on 29th November 1962 in Budapest. She studied ceramic painting, and ahe worked for a while at the Pannonia Film Studio. Most of her works are  made by tempera but she also paint with oil and acryl and she uses reproductive graphics. In her artworld the imagine and the design has a big role. Solo exhibtions of her works have been organised in Budapest... more »

  • GROSS Arnold

    GROSS Arnold (1929 - 2015)

    Graphic artist Arnold Gross was born in Torda, Transylvania on 25th November 1929. He came to Hungary from Romania as a refugee in 1947. He started to study art at the Academy of Fine Arts. His masters were: György Kornecsni, Károly Koffán, Gyula Hinz, György Kádár. Béla Kondor and Vladimir Szabo also had a great influence on him. He received the Munkácsy Prize in 1955 and 1967. After several... more »

  • GYŐRY Eszter

    GYŐRY Eszter (1942 - )

    Though Eszter Gyory attended art schools in Hungary. Italy, "Les BEAUX ARTS" Paris and New York she considers herself a self-taught artist. This visionary works in a Symbolist tradition, excavating her allegoricial subject matter from the legends, myths and folklore of her native Hungary. She resembles a renowned compatriot, the composer Bela Bartok, in refining from folklore the allyos from... more »

  • GYULAI Líviusz (1937 - )

    Líviusz Gyulai graphic artist. He was born on 2th December 1937 in Barót. He graduated at the Hungarian Academy of FIne Arts in 1962. His masters were Géza Fónyi, János Kmetty, He went to Italy and England by scholarship. He makes Illustrations and animated films. His beloved technics are eching, pen-drawing, litography. He has had several awards on film festivals, biennales. He regularly takes... more »