• KÁLMÁN Anna (1977 - )

    Anna Kákmán painter and graphic artist. Sehe was born in 24th March, 1977 in Budapest. She is a self-educated artist. She was studying architechure and psichology for a while, but ont he other hand she always she treated with arts. Her aim was to be a textile-designer, but finally she began to produce illustrations for story-books. Her favourite technic is graphic, with this method she makes... more »

  • KASS János (1927 - 2010)

    János Kass graphic artist. He was born in Szeged on 26th December 1927. He started his studies at the Hight School of Applied Arts of Budapest in 1946, and he got a degree as a ceramic master. Between 1946 and 1949 he studied at the Academy of Applied Arts, and to 1951 he was a student of the Academy of Fine Arts. His masters were Gyula Hincz, György Kádár and György Kolencsi. Later he was a... more »

  • KEMÉNY Zoltán

    KEMÉNY Zoltán (1941 - )

    Zoltan Kemeny was born in Budapest in 1941. He has worked as a freelance graphic designer since 1971. His work has won over thirty awards from the Szép Magyar Könyv Awards. He has won awards from Germany, Finland, Norway and Los Angeles. He specializes in branding, photography, and digital montages at present. He has exhibited numerous times here in Budapest. more »

  • KERTI Károly
  • KESZEG Ágnes (1983 - )

    Ágnes Keszeg painter and graphic artist. She was born in 15 th October 1983 in Torda. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Cluj Napoca. She went on a study tour in Parma, Bukarest and Düsseldorf. She worked as a designer for a year, but after that she realised that her real way is to be an illustrator. The fist book which’s pictures she has drawn came out in 2006. Since that she... more »

  • KISS Ilona
  • KLIE Zoltán (1897 - 1992)

    Zoltán Klie painter. He was born in Szekszárd in 1897. He studied at the Fine Art College in Budapest. His master was János Vaszary. From 1925 he lived for two yers  in Paris with scolarship. As a member of KUT and UME society he had several exhibitions with them. Abroad he took part in group exhibitions in Bochum, Düsseldorf, Firenze, Frankfurt, Krakow and Warshow. He died in Budapest in 1992. more »

  • KONDOR Béla

    KONDOR Béla (1931 - 1972)

    Béla Kondor painter and graphic artist. He was born in Pestszentlőrinc on 17th February  1931. He graduated on the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 1956. His masters were Jenő Barcsay, János Kmetty and Károly Koffán. He went on study tour in France, Jugoslavia, Poland, Csehslovakia and in the Soviet Union. He regularly took part and got prices on Hungarian and international graphical biennales... more »

  • KONDOR Lajos (1926 - 2006)

    Lajos Kondor graphic artist. He was born in Budapest on 25th July 1926. He graduated in 1949 on the Academy of Applied Arts. Hie masters were Gyula Hincz, György Konecsni and Pál Miháltz.  He had several solo exhibitions in Budapet, Italy, Jugoslavia, England, Spain, Germany, Poland and in Venezuela.  He regularly took part and won prices on Hungarian, and international graphical biennales. He... more »

  • KOVÁCS Tamás (1942 - 1999)

    Tamás Kovács graphic artist. He was born in Budapest in 1942. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His masters were György Kádár, Sándor Ék, Tibor Rozanits and Károly Raszler. He regularly took part and won prices in Hungarian graphical biennales. He showed up in groupal exhibitions in Budapest at the Hungarian National Gallery and at the Ernst Museum, in Salgótarján and... more »