• MAKHULT Gabriella

    MAKHULT Gabriella (1981 - )

    Gabriella Makhult graphic artist. She was born on 8th May 1981. She studied at the Hight School of Applied-and Find arts and she graduated on the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in graphic specialisation in 2005.  Her masters were Róbert Kőnig, Tibor Somorjai Kiss and Gábor Karátson.  With scholarship she went on a study tour alround West- Europe. She regularly takes part and got prices on... more »

  • MATZON Ákos (1945 - )

     Festészettel a 80-as évek második felében kezdett el foglalkozni. Mestere Konok Tamás. Több munkáját őrzik közgyűjteményekben. Egyéni kiállításokon eddig Győrben, Budapesten, Szirákon, és több ízben szerepelt Németországban. Ákos Matzon painter. He was born in Budapest on 19th April 1945. He studied at the Pollach Mihály Academy on builder- technical teacher specalisation. He started to paint... more »

  • Joan MIRÓ

    Joan MIRÓ (1983 - 1983)

    Joan Miró painter, graphic artist, scuptor. He eas born in Barcelona 20th April 1893. He had some commercial studies, and he had extra lessons of art. His masters were Modesto Urgell Inglada and José Pasco Merisa. From 1920 he spent more than ten years in Paris. There he met the avantgarde style, and he joined to the group of sürrealists. In 1940 he movwd back to Spain, and started to work with... more »

  • MOLNÁR Gabriella

    MOLNÁR Gabriella (1940 - )

    Gabriella Molnár graphic artist.  She was born in Budapest in 1940. She studied at the College of Fine Arts in Budapest, and got degree in 1965. Her Master was Kádár György. She mainly makes printmaking, many bookillustrations by her are published. She got Derkovits- scholarship in 1966 and 1969, and in 1974 she won the first price of the Graphical Biennale of Firenze. more »

  • MOLNÁR Péter Salamon

    MOLNÁR Péter Salamon (1976 - )

    Péter Salamon Molnar was born in Budapest in 1976. He started to study art at Eszterhazy Károly College and took a degree in 2000. He has been exhibiting his works since 1999. His main field is ceramic, his sculptures are satirical, and caricature the features of his main theme: animals, angels and everyday people. Group and solo exhibitions: 1999 Winter Exibition in Miskolc 2001 Spring... more »

  • MOLNÁR C. Pál (1894 - 1981)

    Pál Molnár C. painter and graphic artist. He was born in Battonya on 28th april 1894. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of ine Arts. His masters were Pál Szinyei Merse. He lived for a while in Genf and Paris. After 1923 he worked in Hungary, and with scholarship he studied in Roma.  In Hungary he regularly took part in Hungarian and international graphical biennales, world exhibitions.   Most... more »

  • Sergio MOSCONA

    Sergio MOSCONA (1979 - )

    Sergio Moscona was born in1979. He lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1989    At the age of ten, he discovered drawing and painting in SilviaKanonich’s studio where he studied until 1995.1995     Studied drawing in Beatriz Negrotto’s studio.1997    Spent a year discovering watercolors with Guillermo Roux while alsoattending philosophy with Santiago Kovadloff, up until the year... more »

  • MÜHLBECK Károly (1986 - 1943)

    Károly Mühlbeck painter and graphic artist. He was born in 2nd October 1869 in Nagysurány. He made his artistic studies in Budapest. Although he also worked as a painter, he become famous of his graphical illustrations. He was felow-worker with several artistic and public newspapers, and he also illustrated almost five hundred book for children and youth. He died in Sashalom in 1th March... more »

  • MUZSNAY Ákos (1945 - )

    Ákos Muzsnay graphic artist. He was born is Budapest, 30th April, 1945. He is an autodidact actor.  The artwork of Sándor Csoma and Béla Kondor had a great influence on his works. He not only makes graphics, but also create coins, and smaller scluptures. He regularly takes part and priced in graphical aand coin biennals. In Pécs the Janus Pannonius Museum and in Budapest the Hungarian National... more »