• ENGEL TEVAN István

    ENGEL TEVAN István (1936 - 1996)

    István Engel Tevan, graphic artist  born in 1936 graduated at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts in 1962.He worked from the 60'th until his death in 1996 mostly as a book illustrator. His illustrations and/or dust jackets appeared in more then 300 volumes. His solo graphic works are also mostly inspired by literature - e.g.Bulgakov, LeSage, Calvino, Singer and the Bible serieses. Many of his works... more »

  • TAKÁTS Márton (1970 - )

     Takáts Márton graphic artist. He was born in Budapest, on June 22-th, 1971. He graduated in 1995 on the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts department of graphic. His master was Róbert Kőnig.He firsty appeared in a grup exhibition in 1994. His solo exhibitions were shown in several galeries in Budapest, Veszprém, and in Sain Peray, France.Primaily he uses embossed graphic procedure, but he also makes... more »

  • TEVAN Margit

    TEVAN Margit (1901 - 1978)

    Margit Tevanwas born on 18 January 1901 in Békéscsaba (Hungary) into a Jewish family whose father was running an important editing house. She started her artistic studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest and after one year specialized with some of the most famous goldsmiths of the time: Richard Zutt and Ferenc (Francis) Kiss. Not being interested in making jewels, she later joined Arpád... more »

  • TÓTH Ernő (1949 - )

    Ernő Tóth painter. He was born December 25 th in Sajóecseg. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, and got his degree in 1977. His masters were Jenő Barcsay and Szilárd Iván. After he finished the secondary grammar school, he worked as a scene-painter at the Operahouse. The style of his paintings are effected by the years that he spent in the workshop. He makes not only paintigs, but... more »

  • TÓTH Menyhért (1904 - 1980)

    Menyhért Tóth painter. He was born in Szeged-Mórahalom on 2th January 1904. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. His masters were János Vaszary, István Réti and László Kandó. He was on scholarship in czechoslovakia, Canary-Islands and in Cagnes-sur-Merben. After he finished his study he moved to Miske and worked separately in the rest of his life. He regularly took part in groupal... more »