• Guillaume CORNELIS VAN BEVERLOO (1922 - 2010)

    Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo painter. He was born in 3th July 1922 in Liegel. He studied art at the Academy of Art in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. He was one of the founders of the COBRA and the REFLEX movements. He was active within the group from the beginning, not only painting but also publishing poetry. Joan Miro and Paul Klee had a great influence on his art, and also the primitive... more »

  • VADÁSZ Endre (1901 - 1944)

    Endre Vadász painter and graphic artist. He was born is Szeged in 1901. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His masters were Ödön Heller, Adolf Fényes and Oszkár Glatz. In he second half of the 20’s he was on a study tour in Italy and France. He mostly worked by eching, and by lino- or wood cut, but he also maked oil and tempera paints. He had made a great work by illustraing. He... more »

  • VEREBICS Ágnes (1982 - )

    Ágnes Verebics painter. She was born in Enyin on 2th June 1982. She studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, after that she dtudied a few months in Marseilles. Her master was Zoltán Tölg-Molnár. Next to paint, she works with montage- technic. She takes part in performances, and  make multimedical products. In 2007 she got the Amadeus-price. more »

  • VERESS Pál (1920 - 1999)

    Pál Veress painter. He was born on 9th April in Budapest. He was studying at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His master was Isván Szőnyi. Next to paint he worked as a translator and a writer. His beloved technics were oil and tempera painting, collage and woodcut.  Many of his works are kept in public collections in Debrecen, Budapest, Miskolc, Székesfehérvár, Pécs and Győr. He died in... more »

  • VÉSSEY Gábor (1948 - )

    Gábor Véssey painter and graphic artist. He was born in Budapest 9th September in 1948. He graduated in 1972 in the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. His Masters were Géza Fónyi and Sándor Véssey. His beloved technics are pastel tempera and oil. Since 1988 he teach at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.He regularly takes part in group exhibitions, he has shown his works solo in Budapest, Cologne... more »

  • VETLÉNYI Zsolt (1967 - )

    The painter and graphic artist was born in 1967 in Kaposvar, he started to study in 1991 at University of Fine Arts in Budapest on graphic major. His masters were Lajos Eszik and Tibor Rozanits. The works of Derkovits and Nívó-scholarship holder artist have typical coloured world, the creations with their contact with literature and some surreal elements are unusual painting of contemporary... more »

  • VICTOR Vasarely

    VICTOR Vasarely (1908 - 1997)

    Victor Vasarely painter and graphic artist. He was born in Pécs, 9th April, 1906. In 1928 he studied graphic at the school of Sándor Bortnyik, and he got to know the theoretic of Bauhaus, and the abstract art. In 1930 he moved to France. He painted, made uniqe graphic and applyed graphic. He is one of the most important artist of the optical painting. He wrote several theoretical works. There... more »