• Fred WEIDMANN (1938 - )

    Fred Weidmann painter. He was born in Herisau, Switzerland 21th January 1938. He is an audidact artist. Originally he studied anatomy, sociology, antropology and communication int he United States, Germany and in Cologne. He works as an artist since the begining of the 70-s. Beside painting, he makes scluptures, ceramics, makes illustrations for books and newspapers, and he makes films. His... more »

  • Paul WUNDERLICH (1927 - )

    Wunderlich Paul graphic artist. He was born in Berlin in 1927. He studied in Germany and Hamburgh. This is the place where he started to make graphics in the begining of the 1950-s, litographys, lino-cuts, woodcuts and dry points. Later Wunderlic become known by his litographys. His artworks are kept in Museum of Modern Art, New York, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, British Museum, London... more »

  • WÜRTZ Ádám

    WÜRTZ Ádám (1927 - 1994)

    Ádám Würtz graphic artist. He was born in Tamási 1972 july 2th. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts between 1948-1953. His masters were Gyula Hincz, Sándor Bortnyik, Bertalan Pór and Károly Koppány. After he had finished the university, he went for a study-tour to the Soviet union, Austria, Romania, Greece, Italy, China, Switzerland, England, Poland and Germany. He regulrary took... more »