1. Auction

1. Auction Date:

14/11/2016 - 24/11/2016


Endre Vadász, Endre Bálint, Zoltán Angyalföldi Szabó, Gyula Tichy, Bertalan Pór, Károly Reich, Károly Kerti, Lajos Szalay

Our first auction will be organized in Bálna Budapest cultural centre.


  • Endre Vadász: Riding in the village
    Endre Vadász
    Riding in the village
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  • Endre Bálint: Winged Figure
    Endre Bálint
    Winged Figure
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  • Zoltán Angyalföldi Szabó: Still life
    Zoltán Angyalföldi Szabó
    Still life
    oil on woodboard
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  • Gyula Tichy: After Hunting
    Gyula Tichy
    After Hunting
    water colour on paper
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  • Bertalan Pór: Seated Nude
    Bertalan Pór
    Seated Nude
    graphite on paper
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  • Károly Reich: Orpheus and Euridike
    Károly Reich
    Orpheus and Euridike
    screen printing
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  • Károly Kerti: Maiden
    Károly Kerti
    graphite on paper
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  • Lajos Szalay: Evangelist
    Lajos Szalay
    ink on paper
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