• 2010

    Angel and Devil exhibition

    Angel and Devil exhibition

    04/12/2010 - 15/01/2011

    Two kinds of power are fighting inside us, sometimes only for one action, other times for the whole creature, so for the soul itself. Once this, other times that seams to surmount. Although the intention of being good is an everlasting endeavour, one cannot always behave according to this.The art works at the exhibition of Jászi Gallery under the title Angel and Devil are investigating the... more »

  • Circus


    13/10/2010 - 15/11/2010

    Circus exhibition  Trapesists, acrobats, artists, clowns, jugglers, illusionists, animals moving elegantly and talented under the leading of the trainers: artists of the colourful life of a circus. They bring celebration to the everyday life as they make the illusion, the production part of the reality of common days, as the art makes it. Their play is not always natural, even though their... more »

  • Vladimir Szabó exhibition

    Vladimir Szabó exhibition

    11/09/2010 - 10/10/2010

    Vladimir Szabó Hungarian graphics from the last century enriched European fine art by several outstanding lifeworks. (Europe knows little about us. It can only partly be explained by historical reasons.) Vladimir Szabó - who is recorded among the best ones – is one of the masters of drawing. Drawing for him meant not only a way of seeing things but also a way of life. Even though he worked with... more »

  • Lajos Szalay Biblical Stories

    Lajos Szalay Biblical Stories

    14/05/2010 - 14/06/2010

    After the exhibition Poet of Lines to the 100th anniversary of Lajos Szalay’s birth in 2009, this year Jászi Gallery shows a smaller selection of his Biblical pictures. In 1966 his picture book called Genesis was printed. It is a collection of drawings with Biblical themes which are eternal topics following the way of the artist: Sacrifice of Abraham, Jakob’s fight with the Angel, Jonas, Prodigal... more »

  • Géza Domokos On the Sunny Side - The Walk of the Unicorn

    The material of the exhibition consists of oil paintings and red-chalk drawings. It lets us insight into the special mythology of the artist, where the elements of the universal culture and the personality of the artist are together. There are samples of the illustrations of his novel – which has not been published yet - called Univerzum Circus. The novel itself- as the artworks of Géza Domokos... more »

  • Margit Balla Pencil-pictures, brush-drawings

    The exhibition opening at the weekend shows works of Margit Balla introducing us her graphic talent from different aspects. We can see several pencil and pen-drawings and also tempera and oil paintings from her earlier works; illustrations to the novels Réage: History of O and G. Bataille: History of the Eye. Tale illustrations of E.T.A. Hoffmann: Nutcracker and the Mouse King. To the tales of... more »

  • Rebeka Lengyel Purring

    Rebeka Lengyel Purring

    12/02/2010 - 19/02/2010

    Open until 19th February 2010 Jászy Gallery started a program supporting young artists. Rebeka Lengyel's exhibition was held as part of this program in February 2010. The artist says the following about her artistic ambitions: The theme of my latest works is cats, and everything they mean to me; the perfect figure, mysterious, inexplicable character behind the soft "ornament" and the intimate... more »

  • 2009

    Zsuzsa Egresi Trisperon

    Zsuzsa Egresi Trisperon

    05/11/2009 - 24/11/2009

    The exhibition in the Jászi Gallery shows a nice collection of the artist's works. She lived in Milan from 1981, then moved back to Hungary. More than 60 graphic works (copper engraving, zink-plate, drawings and tint-drawings) as well as some oil paintings give us insight in the surrealistic, fantastic world of Zsuzsa Egresi, in Trisperon, which name was created by combining the Italian words for... more »

  • Fog and Admiration of Plastic Joys in the 21st century

    Molnár Péter Salamon and Ferenc Somogyi collective exhibition titled:  Fog and Admiration of Plastic Joys in the 21st century Opening: 3rd October 2009, Saturday, at 6 p.m. Opening speech: Péter Csisztu sculptor Music: D. Sz. And Djaegodrom more »

  • Rudolf Láng The Tales of Late Autumn

    Rudolf Láng The Tales of Late Autumn

    08/09/2009 - 01/10/2009

    It is a nostalgic excursion into the land of old civilian life: serenade in the early hours, castle park, duel, Blake, Poe, Chesterton in the etchings and water-colours of Rudolf Láng. The Jászi Gallery shows several etchings, mezzotints, aquatints from the exciting graphic heritage of the artist. The material of the exhibition is over 50 representative copperplates, oil paintings and more than a... more »

  • Victor Vasarely exhibition

    Victor Vasarely exhibition

    25/06/2009 - 25/08/2009

    ... more »

  • Gusztáv Vilmos Szladovics Commemorarive exhibition

    The Jászi Gallery in Budapest makes a discovery of the artworks of Gusztáv Vilmos Szladovics, the artist who has died lately, by the exhibition and at the same time they commit themselves to his recognition in Hungary and help to get the life-work known by the public. The artist was born in Nemesrádó in 1931.He studied to become an interior designer at the Academy of Applied Arts and received... more »

  • Lajos Szalay Poet of the lines

    Lajos Szalay Poet of the lines

    26/02/2009 - 26/04/2009

    The extraordinary personality of the graphic art, Lajos Szalay would be 100 years old this year. The Jászi Gallery has chosen works of private collections and from the artist's daughter, Klára Szalay, more than 60 works (which have not been seen by the Hungarian public yet). The gallery wants to show respect to the artist and the anniversary with his Indian ink drawings. The exhibition which... more »

  • 2008

    Arnold Gross Praising Art

    Arnold Gross Praising Art

    29/11/2008 - 15/01/2009

    At the opening exhibition of the Gallery graphic artist Arnold Gross’s works of art will be shown. Besides nearly fifty etchings, the original copper plates and some nice minerals from the artist’s collection will be on display. more »

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