Győry Eszter & Osiris O'Connor exhibition

Győry Eszter & Osiris O'Connor exhibition Duration of the exhibition:

07/03/2014 - 03/04/2014

“Those who love God remain children”, an exhibit by Eszter Győry and Osiris O’Connor.
Eszter Győry and Osiris O’Connor are true cosmopolitans, although they presently live in the Hungarian village of Leányfalú. They have been lucky to call many places around the world home, at the moment Hungary is theirs. The many cultural impulses they have received while living here and there is not only present in their lives but in their art as well. This is perhaps what makes their creations truly extraordinary.
  We have already shown Eszter Győry’s paintings at our gallery. The present showing will also include the artisan couple’s staues for the first time. The creators like to call them  ethereal angels as each one has an individual character, adorned with pearls, glass and other peciliar objects. According to the artists, the statues only receive a birth certificate from them, their names are given by those who adopt them. Their true characters only then unfold thoroughly.
We look forward to seeing you at the showing!

Opening: March 6th, 2014, 7:00 pm
Opening speaker: Mária Török
The exhibit will be on display until April 3rd,2014.
Address: Melange Gallery, Markó u.3, Budapest 1055.

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