Marianne GÁBOR exhibition

Marianne GÁBOR exhibition Duration of the exhibition:

07/06/2018 - 30/06/2018

Marianne Gábor’s (1917-2014) artwork has been exhibited all over Europe at some of the most prestigious museums and is represented in the most significant collections, including the Uffizi collection in Florence. The exhibit at the Jászi Gallery will present the artist’s most significant pieces from throughout her career.  The pieces shown are relevantly themed from a historical art and cultural viewpoint, from the artist’s portraits to the painful refugee series down to the aesthetic landscapes, an extensive collection of paintings and graphic art all of which will be on display throughout the June exhibition.   
The exhibition was arranged by Katalin S. Nagy Art Historian, while György Szegő, Director of the Institution of the Hungarian Academy of Arts will open the exhibition.

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