About Us

The gallery opened in 2008. Our main objective is to popularize Hungarian graphics.

With our exhibitions we want to make known the outstanding achievements of 20th century and contemporary graphics in a wide range. Beyond showing printed graphics and drawings of Hungarian artists our gallery introduces and sells works of remarkable foreign artists, too. We try to give a permanent showroom for our artists by organizing solo, collective and thematic exhibitions.

We show our artists' works continuously on our homepage, where besides works displayed at the exhibitions a large range of other works on offer are recognizable.

Our gallery helps to get acquainted with graphic techniques and introduces to the lifework of remarkable Hungarian graphic artists.

On demand we give certificate of originality to works of art purchased in our gallery.

Our services

  • Evaluation of graphics
  • Organizing exhibitions
  • Buying and selling graphics
  • Building collections, giving advice


  • address:1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 33. 1st floor
  • e-mail: info@jaszigaleria.hu
  • phone: (+36 1) 267-3380

Jászi Gallery